By George Gorg

chapter 1.

welcome, bestie.

we've been taking care of these (and some more...) products for a long time now, and they've finally come to fruition. we're so excited for you to try them and harvest their effects with us. each of these natural products is handmade with love (and porcelain!).

"what effects are those exactly?" let's start from the beginning.


our Skin Recovery Lotion is what started this whole journey. to me, this is the most wonderful product on the planet, and what i'm most excited about sharing with you. it is what helped cure my cystic acne of 7 years... this wonderful lotion can help reduce your inflammation and recover your skin overnight! how? well...

it has Kaolin, which absorbs and removes waste products and impurities from the skin. it has a soft exfoliating, detoxifying, and even deodorizing effect, it has a cleansing and soothing effect on the skin, removes the extra sebum, improves the blood flow, and cleanses out your pores while balancing out the skin's secretion. it activates the regeneration of new healthy skin cells, evens skin texture, smooths out the skin, and rejuvenates the skin to it's natural elasticity and shine.

it has Zinc, which slows down aging effects, protects us from the sun, fine lines, and all sorts of skin inflammations and impurities, has natural cleansing qualities, keeps our pores tiny and cute, and the skin snatched, elastic, and smooth.

acne is common in people that have a Zinc deficit, as it balances out secretion and reduces the production of sebum (which is what builds up under the skin), it's crucial for cell renewal, aids in healing the skin, and scars, reduce the inflammations caused by acne.

it has an antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal effect, just like Propolis, which can also be found in the lotion.

lastly, before this gets too long, i want to mention the Salvia extract, or as some of you may know it, Sage, also antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and almost all the antis including anticancer, she's rich in vitamins A, C and K, and is basically the queen of destroying acne. ok moving onn LOL



moving on to our Moisturizer - it's here for everyone! (and for most people - you can even customize it with your pronouns) it's perfectly balanced and works magically for ALL skin types. it's a must in your routine and an especially great addon if you've got the Skin Recovery Lotion! it's formula is extremely simple and effective, nothing too extra - perfect if you want to make your skin smooth and soft.

this product hydrates the skin mostly from a combination of two cool kinds of butter (Shea and Cocoa), which you can read more about in the next section, now i want to highlight everyone's favourite Hemp.

it's no secret hemp has become a popular topic all around the world in different fields, but it's beneficial qualities cannot be ignored - it encourages the skin natural barrier and maintains moisture, has an anti-inflammatory effect, which makes it great for treating sick skin (dermatitis, eczemas, etc..), has strong regenerative properties, it's super easy to absorb quickly, and makes the skin super smooth and soft.

we also have Witch Hazel, a proven natural astringent (which means it shrinks the pores), it relieves acne, clears, smooths out and brightens the skin,

and the last thing i'd love to mention that there's Avocado inside mm tasty, ok thank you..


now i know you're constantly struggling with dry lips, bestie, i did too, here's our remedy that will actually heal your lips once and for all. seriously! our Lip Cream (yes - it's a cream) will balance, hydrate, and soak in your lips in a minute, it's also very effective as a lip mask before bed - you'll wake up with lips, as soft as they were when you were a baby.

why this product works: shea butter is rich in vitamins A, E, and F, which makes it a great natural moisturizer, it protects the skin from UV rays, cold wind, and dehydration. the coconut butter reduces inflammation (dry spots, redness, itchy spots, etc.) by protecting the skin cell barrier, which allows for minimal outside irritants while ALSO maintaining hydration. the cacao butter is a strong hydrant and healer for the skin, rich in vitamin E (this vitamin improves skin elasticity and has an anti-age effect), we also use it for it's ability to brighten the skin (even out the tones), it also has sun protecting qualities.

an honorable mention for our beetroot extract, which causes a light pink pigment, has a nice taste, has an extra brightening effect on the lips, and provides extra hydration. seriously, this is a hydration overload for your lips. (which, when it comes to skin, can only be a good thing)...

these butters can also be found in our moisturizer!

we've prepared two serums in this chapter.
let's start with our Azulene Serum.

do you have any redness? be it from previous pimple buddies or from your sensitive capillaries? or maybe you (like me) struggle with eczema or other dry spots... that's okay! if you want to heal those, we've harvested this Azulene Serum with that in mind!

first you should know what Azulene is, it's basically one of the components in chamomile, we've created this serum formula to enjoy it's benefits for the skin. this component has anti-inflammatory (obviously, chamomile, duh) and antiallergic qualities, it has an excellent ability to hydrate the skin, speeds up and aids in it's natural regeneration. we can dive deep into it's antiseptic and go scientific, talking about how within this component, there are cyclic hydrogens which are a great source of food for your cell mass, but we've covered the basics. it's an excellent natural product, it's great for all skin types, especially us - sensitive folks.


as for our Q10 serum:
this is quite a popular coenzyme, you might've seen it or heard of it before, most commonly in anti-age products, because, undeniably, it's anti-aging properties are what initially catches the eye - every time i would get one of our Q10 serums from the storage to test, play around and use for myself my mom will ALWAYS take them from me. the first time i brought it home and she tried it - she LITERALLY cried? was it because she was proud of me or was it because we uncovered her forehead wrinkle insecurity - i'm not certain, but she must've spent a whole hour in front of the mirror after this reminiscing of her youth. it was a sweet experience... although i wish we could embrace getting older and all the beauty that comes with that, it's still great to treat your skin well and give it what it struggles to create over time - one of those things is this coenzyme Q10, which is incredibly important for the regeneration of energy in our cells. it acts like a potent antioxidant and protects our cells from free radicals. it's beneficial to start using it at any age as a "wrinkle preventative serum", although it can significantly minimize the appearance of wrinkles (if we're past the preventative stage), it stimulates collagen and elastin in our skin, speeds up the regeneration of scars and encourages the skin's proper, natural, function.

now (oh pal) last from this chapter, but certainly not the least fun! we've got an Illuminating Eye Cream OHHHH ok.. so you probably might know i'm from Bulgaria - and what our country is really popular for (in the skincare, medicine, and fragrance world) is ROSES. of course i wanted to honor my home by bringing just the best of it out into the world. roses aren't just a marketing thing - they're popular in spiritual communities, a symbol of love and beauty in mythologies, alternative healers all around the world use it, dermatologists and aestheticians love it, and it's a topic even in the culinary field. there are a million reasons for that, of course:

it can cure acne, rosacea, eczema, and redness, it can clear out the pores, it protects skin cells from free radicals, it protects from the sun, it protects from undereye bags and dark circles, it's hydrating and soothing, honestly it slays and if i have to write about all benefits of roses in skincare, it would take up the entire page. LOL


i'm so proud of you for learning all that, and by now, you should be able to know which ingredients slay and have your skin's health best in mind. now.. try them for yourself!

do you already have a favourite chapter 1. product? which one is it??


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